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At Multimedia Australia we strive to provide you with exceptional customer service. Use the form below to contact us for all enquiries, or use one of the alternative contact details below.

In most cases we will reply to email enquiries in less than one business day.

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All enquiries
All enquiries including sales, customer service, website, corporate related, media enquiries, affiliates/partners and more can now conveniently be made to the above email address. Offering a single, all-purpose email address is another way we're setting the customer service standard we're renowned for.



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1300 599 550


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Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.
GPO Box 1626



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Have a news story tip?
Send your news story tips and photos to us at - all submissions are reviewed, but we are unable to respond to individual news story tips due to the volume received. By submitting content to us, you agree that we and our news partners are free to use it on all properties including online, print and on TV/video/digital services, and you understand that it may be adapted for editorial purposes.



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