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Privacy Statement

At Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd. ("Multimedia Australia") we are committed to protecting your privacy while you visit our websites and use our products and services. You can travel throughout most of our website network without giving us any information about yourself. Sometimes we may ask you for information so that we can provide a service you request (such as subscribing to a newsletter, or requesting technical or customer service support). This privacy statement explains how we protect your privacy and our collection and use of the information you provide.

Websites this privacy statement applies to

At Multimedia Australia, we operate a large number of websites. This privacy statement applies to all Multimedia Australia websites that link to it. To read the privacy statements for all other websites we operate that are not covered by this privacy statement, please refer to the 'Privacy Statement' links located on those sites.

Collection of personal information

We will ask you when we require personal information from you. No personally identifying information will be gathered about you without your consent. When you supply us with information, it may be stored in a database or other storage medium. You can change or remove the information we hold about you at any time by contacting us.

Use of personal information

Whenever we ask you to provide us with personal information, we will explain what the information will be used for. Once we obtain your information, (if applicable) it may be stored on one or more databases/files with security features.

We will not disclose your information to third parties without your consent except to the extent that we have hired a company to act on our behalf to provide a postal, product ordering, IT, support, call centre provider, or other relevant service. In this situation, we will only provide those companies with the information they need in order to deliver the service.

We will only disclose your personal information to a third party if required to do so by law or in the belief that such action is necessary to either (a) defend the rights, interests or property of Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.; or (b) protect the safety of users of our websites, products or services or (c) to protect the public.

We will not use the information you provide us with to communicate with you except if we are required to do so by law, in order to fulfil any obligation we have to you as a customer, or under the following four circumstances 1) where the purpose of you providing us with that information was for us to contact you; 2) you purchased one of our products at which stage you may receive confirmation emails after your purchase to confirm your order and provide you with information about your purchase; 3) in the event that we believe there was a problem with an order, whether completed or pending; or 4) if we discover an urgent technical issue related to the product you purchased and we deem it necessary to contact you. You may choose not to receive these emails by contacting us.

Determining the applicable site for a customer service enquiry

Our company operates a large number of websites. If you contact us and we are unsure which website/product/service your enquiry is regarding and/or if we require further details about your question so that we can provide you with an accurate response, to ensure quality customer service, we may need to refer to our site logs to determine from which of our sites you arrived at our contact form based on your IP address. To help ensure we can answer your question even faster without first needing to refer to this information, we ask that you please identify the site you are referring to in your message, or use the contact form located on the site in question. This cross-referencing is done for the sole purpose of helping you with your enquiry, and the resulting collected information is not stored or recorded for any other purpose.

Storage of personal information

Information you provide to us may be stored on servers, customer service infrastructure, backup systems, and failover systems located in Australia and overseas, including but not limited to the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe. Multimedia Australia and our third party IT service suppliers have made every reasonable effort to ensure the protection of all data on these systems. Some clients may have contracts with us that provide for the storage of data within a certain geographic region, in which case this clause may not apply.

Intellectual property protection and fraud prevention

Subject to applicable law, Multimedia Australia may record/monitor traffic on its website(s) for the purposes of preventing fraud/illegal activities (including but not limited to when online purchases are involved) and to protect the intellectual property of Multimedia Australia (such as protecting Multimedia Australia software from piracy). Any activity which appears to be suspicious or illegal may be forwarded to law enforcement agencies.

Contact forms and/or email submissions

Some pages on our websites contain forms that allow you to contact/submit information to Multimedia Australia. As part of the form submission, your computer's IP address and Web browser information may also be sent. This information is not used by Multimedia Australia in any way except for security purposes, to identify the site you are referring to when you contact us, and to deter fraud when an online transaction is involved (such as the re-sending of a lost registration code).

Download registrations

You may be given the option to register software downloads with us before they commence. Registration of your download is entirely optional, and allows you to choose whether you would like to receive additional information from us related to the product and/or subscribe to our newsletters. We may also use this information to help us accurately respond to you if you contact us. Certain downloads through third party sites or systems, including but limited to Apple iTunes, may involve you providing information to that party, which may be governed by other contracts or privacy statements.

Links to third party websites

Some of our webpages may link to websites owned and operated by third parties. These websites are governed by their own privacy statements (if applicable). As Multimedia Australia does not have control over these sites, it does not take any responsibility as to the nature and content of those sites.

Variations in ordering methods

Most of our products and services can be ordered in a number of different ways. When making purchases online, the processing of your transaction will involve a reputable third party which has been selected and authorised to do so by Multimedia Australia. These online transactions may be subject to an additional privacy statement available from that provider's website.

Domain name registrations, renewals, transfers and management

When you register a domain name, your details will need to be disclosed to various third parties as required by the Internet domain name registration process. Where possible, we will only disclose the minimum information necessary. As with any domain name registration, your registration details will be publicly accessible. Some domain names support WHOIS privacy features. If you would like this feature activated for your domain name(s), please contact us. There may be a small monthly charge for this service. Domain name registrations are subject to additional contracts and terms outside this privacy statement. Please refer to the link supplied on the domain name registration form for further information or contact us if you have any questions.

Cookies and traffic analysis

Cookies and Web beacons may be used to enable third party serving of ads on some websites that are operated by Multimedia Australia. You can delete cookies at any time using your Web browser's 'Remove cookies' feature. Some of our sites serve Google ads which use DART cookies to display ads based on your visit(s) to our sites and other sites on the Internet. Web users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Some online ordering forms which are operated on our behalf by authorised third parties may use cookies for the purpose of completing your order; please refer to their applicable privacy statement for further information.

Modifications to this statement

Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd. will occasionally update this privacy statement so that it complies with any changes to our site.

If you have any further questions, comments, require further clarification, or you wish to change or remove any information you have provided to us, please contact us.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 April 2016.


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